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National EOE week will unite communities across the country in a common demand to "call the question on racial justice. Together, through respectful grassroots engagement we have built a  dynamic national Quality of Life Agenda demanding that the needs of Black, Brown, Indigenous and Working communities are finally prioritized.  Now we are asking you to LOCALIZE the quality of life agenda as we interrogate the systemic and institutional racism that has destabilized, ravished  and robbed our community. 

From April 17-22, 2023 Black, Brown, Indigenous and Working communitis will organize Quality of Life Town Halls in over 50 cities across the nation. These town halls will give us space and time to localize the quality of life agenda by:

  •     Review the National QOL Agenda 

  •      Adopt what works for your city

  •      Add what is Missing

  •      Come to Consensus

  •      Commitment from elected official to  sponsor a local resolution in support of the platform that we will organize to make law

  •      Form local Grassroot Equity Commissions


  • Continue to highlight QOL warriors on the National "On the Ground" Podcast 

  • Identify champion to sponsor resolution and give timeline for passage

  • Join us in Washington, DC for Fall Equity Summit where White House and Cabinet officials will identify ways to support national and local quality of life platform.

  • Join our Equity tours which will highlight places across the nation that are building strong equitable outcomes for grassroot communities and  truly serving the needs of Black, Brown, Indigenous and Poor People.

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